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 Gaui Hurricane 425 Basic Kit [204399]

Gaui Hurricane 425 Basic Kit [204399]
CODE: RH.GA204399

Price: 119.00

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Gaui Hurricane 425 Basic kit
Affortable Price!  [Item No. 204399]

  • Overall length: 900mm (inclunding cabin & canopy)
  • Main rotor Diameter: 965mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 217mm
  • Flybar paddle: 78*42*6mm
  • Tail blade length: 75mm (including in the kit free of Charge) !!
  • Overall height: 310 mm
  • Overall width: 80 mm

    Motor: scorpion Motor 1680W-kv1400(option)
    ESC: ESC 66A with built-in SBEC(option)
    Main rotor blades: 425mm CF or Fiberglass Blades (option)
    Flying duration: 5~6 minutes with 11.1v/2200mah Li-Po battery 2 packs in series(22.2v) gs
Items needed for assembly:

6 (or more) channel heli-capable transmitter (with CCPM function)
4 servos (digital servo is recommended)
6 (or more) channel receiver
Motor: 1700w/kv1400 external brushless motor .
ESC: 66A with built-in SBEC.
Gyro ( GU -210 heading hold gyro or higher level are recommended)
Main rotor blades: 425mm CF or Fiberglass Blades
Battery : Li-Po battery 3S1P (11.1v / 20C or more / 2000mah or more)*2 packs in series or 6S1P (22.2v/ 20C or more / 2000mah or more)*1 pack
Charger: Li-Po battery charger

Gaui Hurricane 425 Superior Quality Electric Helicopter 
.GAUI Hurricane 425 Basic Kit
  • Total weight 1450g (Equipped with Blades and all electronic gears except Battery).
  • Light weight Plastic Canopy, and FRP Servo Plates are all included in kit.
  • Precision CNC anodized aluminum Swash Plate and Guide.
  • The best power to weight ratio (822 W / KG) gives excellent 3D capability.
  • Multi-stage gear reduction system provides more gear ration options for different power system.
  • New designed 8mm One Way Gear Shaft provides high-efficiency power transfer.
  • Streamline cabin and canopy.
  • Push-pull linkages on CCPM mechanism limits any play for sharp control response.
  • Dupont plastic and fiberglass composite main frame.
  • Fully equipped ball bearings.(43 bearings)
  • Seesaw head with bell-hiller system.
  • Only a short time needed for completion. (Partial assembled)
  • Belt driven tail rotor.
  • Extensive CNC upgrade parts and option parts available.

*The NEW Gaui 425 need authentic SCORPION MOTOR the World Leader in Motors"

  I GAUI Hurricane 425 Basic Kit Powered by NEM  !

Gaui Hurricane 425 Basic Kit
1. Gaui Hurricane 425 basic Kit
2. Plastic Canopy
3. Instraction manual

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