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 Hurrican50 [1002B]

Hurrican50 [1002B]

Price: 149.90

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Hurrican 50 HN1002B
with Carbon Fiber Silver and Metal Swashplate

Approved by 3D-Masters

+HURRICAN 50 EP [CF] kit full set HN1002A NEW (w/o Main Blades)
+Pre-Painted Fiberglas Canopy
Carbon Fiber (grey) Main Frame
+Carbon Fiber Fins (grey color)
+Metal Grips (CNC)
+Metal Center Hub (CNC)
+Metal Parts e.g. DTD system
+Triple Bearing in Main Shaft (CNC)
+3D Landing System
+Detail Manual in English with Photo
(very nice)

Additional Items Required to Complete the Hurrican 50
6 channel or more Radio Control System (Heli type CCPM)
Gyro + Tail Sevo (eg LTG 6100G + LTG 6100T)
4 standar servos 6kg-cm/4.8V (eg. S9252 or S9250)
Battery Pack 4.8V/2100mAh for Receiver

Everything is
In this Machine
CCPM & MPM available in the kit.
High Quality Plastic materials
are used.
All Metal parts are Machined & NOT injected

Metal CNC Grips & Center Hub
allows precise pitch control & imparts extra strength and safety to the rotorhead and
Metal CNC Swashplate
Direct tail drive system, 2 pieces stacked gear DTD allows full tail control for better autorotations and fast backwards flight
Full Push-Pull system.
More than
50 Quality Bearings
Easy and well-illustrated assambly manual in English


Item: Carbon Fiber (grey) Hurrican 50
Type: HN 1002B
Overall Leight: 1,260 mm
Overall Height: 430 mm
Overall Width: 210 mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1,339 mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 233 mm
Gear Ratio: 8.7:1:4.7
Gross Weight: 3,200~3400g
Main Blades: (option) 600mm
Tail Boom: Metal (black)

 Important Notice: Radio Controlled Models are not TOYS, Consumers have the responsibilities to ensure no harm or damage incured to people or proporties during operation. IT IS NOT SUITABLE for children under 14 Years Old.

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Silicon Muffler Pipe 2pcs
Silicon Tube(1M) 2.5x5.0mm
CODE: HN.60040A
Skin Holder 4pcs
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Spindle Shaft (set)
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Starter Hex
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Tailboom (Alum) (21x22x720mm) x1pc
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Thrust Bearing (6x12x4.5)
CODE: HN81047
Washer 4x10x1mm x5pcs
CODE: HN-80071
Washout Arm (metal) with Bearings
CODE: UP60249
Washout Arms
CODE: HN60249
Price: 7.99€

Price: 1.20€

Price: 33.99€

Price: 15.99€

thumbnail_hn70010.jpg thumbnail_XT82276A.png thumbnail_XT61122.jpg  
Washout Link with Pin
CODE: HN70010
X-Treme50 Painted Canopy in Lime Yellow
CODE: XT.82276A
XT all push rods(20pcs)+ plastic linkage(10short+20 long)
CODE: XT.61122B
Price: 4.19€

Out of stock

Price: 25.00€

Price: 19.99€


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