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 LOGO 700 VBar/Scorpion Motor Combo -02128

LOGO 700 VBar/Scorpion Motor Combo -02128

Price: 1,461.21

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LOGO 700
Systematically designed and put to the test, for tough competition flying.
The ideal 700 size machine, for every pilot, for every style of flying.

The LOGO 700 is the worthy successor to the venerable LOGO 700 XXtreme.

It utilizes tried and tested mechanical components like

  • Herring bone gear with a smaller main gear, with a steeper angle (136 T, 25°), for a sleeker silhouette, less weight and improved running noise.
  • Belt step-up gear to the tail gear box in the chassis.
  • Torque tube.
  • Sturdy tail gear box now fully encapsulated, lighter, almost maintenance-free and protected against dust and dirt.

The new four-part chassis made from fiber-reinforced molded plastic is lighter and torsionally more rigid than a traditional carbon-aluminum chassis.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Facilitates assembly, maintenance and repairs.
  • The upper halves take up the entire mechanics including motor, ESC and servos. Servos are mounted directly into the chassis, with optimal position and angle in relation to the swash plate.
  • The lower halves take up the new and already known and proved battery quick release system (like on LOGO 500/600). Batteries will be installed to battery plates inline, which are held by two quick release mechanisms on both sides of the chassis.
  • The clever separation of the chassis parts increases the possibility that, after a crash, only the lower parts have to be replaced.
  • The chassis sports a big locating surface for the ESC, an opening helps with the air flow around the ESC.
  • In the chassis you find a place for e.g. a CPU cooler, so you can mount a motor cooler into the model permanently.
  • Cable guides inside the chassis allow for a neat and protected wire-layout to the ESC/telemetry at the front, within the chassis.
  • The clever design of the molds even allows maintenance of the tail gear box inside the chassis, without disassembling the chassis.
  • The torque tube system makes the tail boom easily dismountable, in case you want to travel e.g. to competitions.
The newly designed rotor head is lighter and looks more delicate, but at the same time gives you the same good flight- and control characteristics. ItĒs as robust as ever.

Recommended main rotor blade sizes are 690-717 mm, depending on your personal taste and style of flying.

To power the 700, you can rely on reliable components from the LOGO 700 XXtreme, with 6 mm motor shafts.
Motors with other shaft diameters can be adapted easily by just replacing the shaft.

In the beginning, there will be two gear ratios available: 10.46:1 with a 13 T pinion or 9.71:1 with a 14 T pinion.

Motors with a larger bell than e.g. a Scorpion 4525-520 can also be used: just replace the stock main gear with the larger one from the LOGO 700/800 XXtreme, including the one way bearing and an appropriate pinion.

The newly designed canopy of the LOGO 700 combines the known and appealing design and visibility with improved aerodynamics: the LOGO 700 accelerates faster and reaches higher top speeds when directly compared to itĒs predecessor. This helps especially with swift transitions within or between 3D maneuvers and big air aerobatics.

Color accents to the tail fin also help with visibility.

With off-the-shelf components and 5,000 mAh batteries, an all-up-weight of 5,300 g / 11.86 lb is possible.

What you Get:
1 x Mikado LOGO 700 VBar/Scorpion Motor Combo Item: 02128

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Anti-Static-Cable LOGO 700/800 -05055
CODE: MIK-CH-05055
Ball bearing 14x25x6 -04601
Ball bearing 15x21x4 -04522
Ball bearing 5x10x4 -02470
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Ball bearing 6x13x5 -04521
Ball bolts swashplate, LOGO 700/800 -04589
CODE: MIK-CH-04589
Ball links 3mm for 6mm ball -04598
CODE: MIK-RH-04598
Balls dia. 6mm with 3mm hole -04599
CODE: MIK-RH-04599
Price: 6.20€

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Price: 9.90€

thumbnail_Battery-plate-locking-04915_b_0.png thumbnail_Battery-plate-LOGO-700-05053_b_0.png thumbnail_Bevel-pinion-torque-tube-LOGO-XXtreme-04524_b_0.png thumbnail_Bevel-belt-gear-pinion-chassis-gear-box-LOGO-700-04523-nem.png
Battery plate locking -04915
CODE: MIK-CH-04915
Battery plate LOGO 700/800 -05053
CODE: MIK-CH-05053
Bevel pinion torque tube, LOGO 700/800 -04524
CODE: MIK-GB-04524
Bevel/ belt gear pinion chassis gear box, LOGO 700/800-04523
CODE: MIK-GB-04523
Price: 12.57€

Price: 14.52€

Price: 12.90€

Price: 12.90€

thumbnail_Blader-holder-arm-LOGO-700-05049_b_0.png thumbnail_Bolts-for-counterbearing-plate-LOGO-700-05025_b_0.png thumbnail_Canopy-LOGO-700-05029_b_0.png thumbnail_Clamp-ring-for-main-rotor-shaft-LOGO-700-04712_b_0.png
Blader holder arm, LOGO 700/800 -05049
CODE: MIK-RH-05049
Bolts for counterbearing plate, LOGO 700/800 -05025
CODE: MIK-CH-05025
Canopy, LOGO 700 neon-orange/neon-yellow -05029
CODE: MIK-CA-05029
Clamp ring for main rotor shaft, LOGO 700 -04712
CODE: MIK-CH-04712
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thumbnail_Coupling-for-torque-tube-LOGO-700-05037_b_0.png thumbnail_Distance-bushing-bevel-teeth-gear-LOGO-700-05022_b_0.png thumbnail_Distance-washer-blade-holder-LOGO-700-05050_b_0.png thumbnail_Distance-washer-set-dia-14-x-dia-20-04517_b_0.png
Coupling for torque tube, LOGO 700/800 -05037
CODE: MIK-TB-05037
Distance bushing bevel/teeth gear, LOGO 700/800 -05022
CODE: MIK-CH-05022
Distance washer blade holder, LOGO 700 -05050
CODE: MIK-RH-05050
Distance washer set dia.14 x dia.20 -04517
CODE: MIK-CH-04517
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thumbnail_Driven-belt-486-3M9-LOGO-XXtreme-04516_b_0.png thumbnail_Extra-hard-damper-set-LOGO-700-90-shore-04725_b_0.png thumbnail_Front-canopy-support-LOGO-700-05034_b_0.png thumbnail_Hex-nut-M2-5-02071_b_0.png
Driven belt 486, LOGO 700/800 -04516
CODE: MIK-GB-04516
Extra hard damper set LOGO 700/800, 90 shore -04725
CODE: MIK-RH-04725
Front canopy support, LOGO 700 -05034
CODE: MIK-CH-05034
Hex nut M2,5 -02071
Price: 9.90€

Price: 4.90€

Price: 5.95€

Price: 2.40€

thumbnail_Hex-Screw-M2-5x27-05045_b_015228541575ac4e90d6a207.png thumbnail_Hex-screw-M2-5x25-05033_b_0.png thumbnail_Mikado-05051-Hex-screw-nem.png thumbnail_Holder-for-torque-tube-with-ball-bearing-LOGO-700-05038_b_0.png
Hex Screw M2,5x27 -05045
Hex screw M2.5x25 -05033
Hex screw M5x30 -05051
Holder for torque tube, with ball bearing, LOGO 700 -05038
CODE: MIK-TB-05038
Price: 7.10€

Price: 7.10€

Price: 5.60€

Price: 19.99€

thumbnail_Horizontal-fin-with-clamps-LOGO-700-05042_b_0.png thumbnail_Landing-bow-low-profile-black-LOGO-500-600-04290_b_0.png thumbnail_Landing-struts-low-profile-LOGO-600-700-black-04292_b_0.png thumbnail_Landing-struts-low-profile-LOGO-600-700-white-04291_b_0.png
Horizontal fin with clamps, LOGO 700 -05042
CODE: MIK-TB-05042
Landing bow, black -04290
CODE: MIK-04290
Landing struts low profile LOGO 600/700 black -04292
CODE: MIK-04292
Landing struts low profile LOGO 600/700 white -04291
CODE: MIK-CH-04291
Price: 18.04€

Price: 9.90€

Price: 19.90€

Out of stock

Price: 19.90€

thumbnail_Linkage-set-rotorhead-LOGO-700-800-04507_b_0.png thumbnail_Linkage-set-swashplate-LOGO-700-05026_b_0.png thumbnail_Lower-main-rotor-shaft-support-LOGO-700-05032_b_0.png thumbnail_Lower-sideframe-left-LOGO-700-05031_b_0.png
Linkage set rotorhead, LOGO 700/800 -04507
CODE: MIK-RH-04507
Linkage set swashplate, LOGO 700/800 -05026
CODE: MIK-CH-05026
Lower main rotor shaft support, LOGO 700/800 -05032
CODE: MIK-CH-05032
Lower sideframe left, LOGO 700 -05031
CODE: MIK-CH-05031
Price: 9.90€

Price: 11.90€

Price: 19.40€

Price: 19.40€

thumbnail_Lower-sideframe-right-LOGO-700-05030_b_0.png thumbnail_Main-blade-holder-with-ball-bearings-LOGO-700-05048_b_0.png thumbnail_Main-gear-cover-LOGO-700-05082_b_015174825445a72f23001e8b.png thumbnail_Main-pulley-LOGO-700-800-04515_b_0.png
Lower sideframe right, LOGO 700 -05030
CODE: MIK-CH-05030
Main blade holder with ball bearings, LOGO 700/800 -05048
CODE: MIK-RH-05048
Main gear cover, LOGO 700/800 -05082
CODE: MIK-CH-05082
Main pulley, LOGO 700/800 -04515
CODE: MIK-GB-04515
Price: 19.40€

Out of stock

Price: 34.50€

Price: 42.50€

Price: 14.49€

thumbnail_04711-mikado.jpg thumbnail_Main-rotor-yoke-LOGO-700-05047_b_0.png thumbnail_Maingear-136-teeth-modul-1-LOG.png thumbnail_Metal-hex-bolts-59mm-M3-04099_b_0.png
Main rotor shaft 240mm, LOGO 700/800 -04711
CODE: MIK-SH-04711
Main rotor yoke, LOGO 700/800 -05047
CODE: MIK-RH-05047
Maingear 136 teeth, M1 LOGO 700/800 -05017
CODE: MIK-GB-05017
Metal hex bolts 59mm, M3 -04099
CODE: MIK-CH-04099
Price: 19.40€

Out of stock

Price: 36.80€

Price: 18.42€

Price: 4.90€

thumbnail_Motor-counterbearing-plate-8mm-shaft-LOGO-700-05209_b_0.png thumbnail_Motor-counterbearing-plate-LOGO-700-05024_b_0.png thumbnail_Motor-mount-LOGO-700-05113_b_0.png thumbnail_Motorplate-LOGO-700-05023_b_0.png
Motor counterbearing plate, 8mm shaft, LOGO 700/800 -05209
CODE: MIK-CH-05209
Motor counterbearing plate, shaft 6mm, LOGO 700 -05024
CODE: MIK-CH-05024
Motor mount, LOGO 700/800 -05113
CODE: MIK-CH-05113
Motorplate, LOGO 700/800 -05023
CODE: MIK-CH-05023
Price: 22.13€

Price: 22.13€

Price: 23.01€

Price: 25.25€

thumbnail_Mounting-block-for-bevel-belt-gear-LOGO-700-05020_b_0.png thumbnail_O-ring-set-Yoke-main-rotor-head-LOGO-700-04705_b_0.png thumbnail_O-ring-spacer-LOGO-700-04706_b_0.png thumbnail_O-Rings-For-Tail-Rotor-Hub-LOGO-700-800-04570_b_0.png
Mounting block for bevel/belt gear, LOGO 700/800 -05020
CODE: MIK-CH-05020
O-ring set, Yoke main rotor head, LOGO 700/800 -04705
CODE: MIK-RH-04705
O-ring spacer LOGO 700/800 -04706
CODE: MIK-RH-04706
O-Rings For Tail Rotor Hub, LOGO 700/800 -04570
CODE: MIK-TR-04570
Price: 14.13€

Price: 5.90€

Price: 5.90€

Price: 5.90€

thumbnail_One-way-hub-LOGO-700-05018_b_0.png thumbnail_Pinion-for-herringbone-gear-13-teeth-25-M1-dia-6mm-05010_b_0.png thumbnail_Pinion-for-herringbone-gear-14-teeth-25-M1-dia-6mm-05011_b_0.png thumbnail_Radius-arm-swashplate-driver-LOGO-700-800-04509_b_0.png
One way hub, LOGO 700/800 -05018
CODE: MIK-CH-05018
Pinion for herringbone gear 13 teeth 25°, M1, dia. 6mm -05010
CODE: MIK-GB-05010
Pinion for herringbone gear 14 teeth 25°, M1, dia. 6mm -05011
CODE: MIK-GB-05011
Radius arm swashplate driver, LOGO 700/800 -04509
CODE: MIK-RH-04509
Price: 25.25€

Price: 24.90€

Price: 24.90€

Price: 6.90€

thumbnail_Rotor-disk-04049_b_0.png thumbnail_Servo-mounting-plates-10-11mm-LOGO-700-05021_b_0.png thumbnail_Skid-pipe-310-x-dia-8mm-LOGO-600-700-black-02496_b_0.png thumbnail_Socket-head-cap-screw-M2-5x12-04651_b_0150850672359e9fc6352f0c.png
Rotor disk -04049
CODE: MIK-RH-04049
Servo mounting plates 10+11mm, LOGO 700/800 -05021
CODE: MIK-CH-05021
Skid pipe 310 x dia.8mm LOGO 600/700 black -02496
CODE: MIK-CH-02496
Socket head cap screw M3x12 -01954
Price: 9.90€

Price: 16.38€

Price: 10.00€

Price: 3.10€

thumbnail_Socket-head-cap-screw-M4x12-01972_b_0.png thumbnail_Socket-head-cap-screw-M4x25-02079_b_0.png thumbnail_Socket-head-cap-screw-M6x12-01981_b_0.png thumbnail_Spindle-Sh.png
Socket head cap screw M4x12 -01972
Socket head cap screw M4x25 -02079
Socket head cap screw M6x12 -01981
Spindle Shaft For Tail Rotor Hub, LOGO 700/800 -04571
CODE: MIK-TR-04571
Price: 3.10€

Price: 5.20€

Price: 3.10€

Price: 7.79€

thumbnail_Spindle-shaft-rotor-head-LOGO-.png thumbnail_Swashplate-driver-lever-LOGO-700-800-04508_b_0.png thumbnail_Swashplate-guide-canopy-mounting-LOGO-700-05052_b_0.png thumbnail_Swashplate-LOGO-700-800-04469_b_0.png
Spindle shaft rotor head, LOGO 700/800 -04703
CODE: MIK-RH-04703
Swashplate driver lever, LOGO 700/800 -04508
CODE: MIK-RH-04508
Swashplate guide/ canopy mounting, LOGO 700 -05052
CODE: MIK-CH-05052
Swashplate LOGO 700/800 -04469
CODE: MIK-CH-04469
Price: 12.90€

Price: 29.00€

Price: 15.50€

Price: 96.51€

thumbnail_Tail-boom-25x774mm-LOGO-700-05035_b_.png thumbnail_Tail-boom-brace-LOGO-700-05040_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-boom-distance-spacer-LOGO-700-05019_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-rotor-blade-holder-LOGO-700-800-04583_b_0.png
Tail boom 25x774mm, LOGO 700 -05035
CODE: MIK-TB-05035
Tail boom brace, LOGO 700 -05040
CODE: MIK-TB-05040
Tail boom distance spacer, LOGO 700 -05019
CODE: MIK-CH-05019
Tail rotor blade holder, LOGO 700/800 -04583
CODE: MIK-TR-04583
Price: 19.20€

Price: 23.90€

Out of stock

Price: 12.90€

Price: 11.90€

thumbnail_Tai-rotor-case-LOGO-700-05044_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-rotor-control-sleeve-assembly-LOGO-700-800-04567_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-Rotor-Hub-set-with-blade-holder-LOGO-700-800-04569_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-rotor-hub-LOGO-700-800-04584_b_0.png
Tail rotor case LOGO 700 -05044
CODE: MIK-TR-05044
Tail rotor control sleeve assembly, LOGO 700/800 -04567
CODE: MIK-TR-04567
Tail Rotor Hub set with blade holder, LOGO 700/800 -04569
CODE: MIK-TR-04569
Tail rotor hub, LOGO 700/800 -04584
CODE: MIK-TR-04584
Price: 18.10€

Price: 22.00€

Price: 35.00€

Price: 19.00€

thumbnail_Tail-Rotor-Lever-LOGO-700-800-04568_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-rotor-linkage-LOGO-700-05041_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-rotor-shaft-with-bevel-gear-LOGO-700-05046_b_0-800x600.png thumbnail_Thrust-bearing-5x10x4-04582_b_0.png
Tail Rotor Lever, LOGO 700/800 -04568
CODE: MIK-TR-04568
Tail rotor linkage, LOGO 700 -05041
CODE: MIK-TB-05041
Tail rotor shaft with bevel gear, LOGO 700/800 -05046
CODE: MIK-GB-05046
Thrust bearing 5x10x4 -04582
Price: 9.90€

Price: 10.90€

Out of stock

Price: 13.30€

Price: 13.20€

thumbnail_Thrust-bearing-rotor-head-LOGO-700-04702_b_0.png thumbnail_Torque-tube-10x743mm-LOGO-700-0503.png thumbnail_Torque-tube-full-set-LOGO-700-05039_b_0.png thumbnail_Upper-sideframe-left-LOGO-700-05016_b_0.png
Thrust bearing rotor head, LOGO 700/800 -04702
Torque tube 10x743mm, LOGO 700 -05036
CODE: MIK-TB-05036
Torque tube, full set, LOGO 700 -05039
CODE: MK-TB-05039
Upper sideframe left, LOGO 700/800 -05016
CODE: MIK-CH-05016
Price: 12.90€

Price: 13.55€

Price: 44.90€

Out of stock

Price: 35.09€

thumbnail_Upper-sideframe-right-LOGO-700-05015_b_0.png thumbnail_Velcro-04918-nem.png thumbnail_Vertical-fin-carbon-neon-yellow-LOGO-700-05157_b_0.png thumbnail_Vertical-fin-carbon-orange-LOGO-700-05043_b_0.png
Upper sideframe right, LOGO 700/800 -05015
CODE: MIK-CH-05015
Velcro straps 20x280mm -04918
CODE: MIK-CH-04918
Vertical fin, carbon, neon-yellow, LOGO 700 -05157
CODE: MIK-TB-05157
Vertical fin, carbon-orange, LOGO 700 -05043
CODE: MIK-TB-05043
Price: 35.09€

Price: 9.36€

Price: 23.88€

Out of stock

Price: 23.88€

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