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 NEM Brushless Motor 5010-360KV -High Torque

NEM Brushless Motor 5010-360KV -High Torque
CODE: RMBL-5010-360KV

Price: 24.80

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Brushless Motor 5010-360KV
[High Torque, high Efficiency for Multirotors, recommended Propeller 15x5.2" with 6s Lipo]


  • Drum Size: 50 x 10mm
  • Shaft Dimension: 4mm
  • ESC recommended: 20 ~ 40A
  • Motor Cables: Apprx. 40cm
  • Recommended 17x5.5" for 4s Lipo (Thrust over 2kgs)
  • Recommended 16x5.5" for 5s Lipo (Thrust over 2kgs
  • Recommended 15x5.2" for 6s Lipo (Thrust over 2kgs)

Hot Selling Brushless Motors 5010-360KV
made especially for Multirotors Platforms.

Provide you Smooth Operation.
Resistance to High Temperature up to 150
(for Magnets) and 200 (for Wirings)

CNC Machined Alumium Alloy
Best Balance for DRUM
Dual Ball Bearings
Electro-Coat Finished Motor Casing
Type KV-RPM Prop Size ESC Watt Weight
5010 360 13~17" 4~6s-40/50A 880 80g
What's in the Box:
1 x 5010-360KV Brushless Motor with Prop Adaptor

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