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 NEM Li-PO 7.4V/3000mAh/20C -[500 CHARGES]

NEM Li-PO 7.4V/3000mAh/20C -[500 CHARGES]

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500 charges (most batteries in the market have only 300)
High Rate Lithium Polymer 20C New Generation High Rate Lithium Battery with balance charger & DUP connector. Suitable for Electric airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats and any application demanding large dishcharge rate.   
Item : NEM-2S320C
Type: Li-PO High Discharge
Voltage (V): 7.41V (2S1P)
Capasity (mAh): 3.000
Continuous Discharge Rate: 20C (60A)
Max Burst Discharging Rate: 80A for 30 sec
Max Charging Voltage (V): 4.20.05V
Max Charging Rate (A): 2.1
Connectors: DUP & Balance Charger
Size (mm): 141 x 45 x 14
Weight (g): 188  (with cables)

General Information: Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) batteries require particularly careful handling. Mishandling these batteries may lead to explosions, fire, smoke and a risk of poisoning.
Charging: Li-Po batteries should charged with a charger that is specifically designed for LiPo cells, charging at above 4.25V per cell , which is the absolute maximum voltage. It must be strictly prohibited as higher voltage causes permanent damage to the cells and causes fires. The LiPo batteries can be charged at a rate of max. 1.5C (1C corresponds to the cell capacity). Charging with higher current than recommended may cause damage to cell performance and safety features deeply, and can lead to heat generation or leakage. Li-PO batteries shall be charged within a range of temperature 0C to 50C. If these batteries are charged at the temperature out of the specified range, leakage, heat generation or other damage may be caused. Reverse charging is prohibited. These batteries shall be connected correctly. The polarity has to be confirmed before you make wiring.The reverse charging may cause damage to the cells which may lead to lose cell performance, and may damage to the cell safety which can lead to heat generation or leakage.
Discharging: LiPo batteries can be discharged at continuous currents of around 12C (with 70~80% nominal capacity).High discharging current may reduce the discharging capacity remarkably or cause overheats. Li-PO batteries shall be discharged within a range of -10 degree C to 60 degree C. At a temperature of -10 degree C or less, the battery will show a significant decrease in discharge capacity.
The battery temperature during the discharging should not exceed 70 degree C. Normally, LiPo batteries start to discharge at 4.2V and terminate at a cut-off voltage of 3.0V. Discharging these batteries to a point below 2.5V per cell causes permanent damage to the cells, and this must be avoided.
Shipment: For transport of lithium cells and batteries, the battery shall be shipped in 30% charged state for the safty reason. All our LiPo are charged in 30% charged state at the original manufacturer.

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