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 Tail rotor clamps, 22mm tailboom -04719

Tail rotor clamps, 22mm tailboom -04719
CODE: MIK-TR-04719

Price: 6.90

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04719 Mikado LOGO 550 spareparts Tail rotor clamps, 22mm tailboom

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Carbon tail rotor blade, 95mm -04941
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Carbon vertical fin w ball bearing, LOGO 550 -05102
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Carbon vertical fin with ball bearing, LOGO 600 -05103
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Clamps for carbon tailrotor 20mm -04232
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Gear driver with pin -02465
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O-Rings For Tail Rotor Hub, LOGO 700/800 -04570
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Spacer set for tailrotor LOGO 550/600 -04107
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Spindle Shaft For Tail Rotor Hub, LOGO 700/800 -04571
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Steel Tail rotor hub for thrust bearings -03051
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Tail Rotor Blade Holder -02462
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Tail rotor blades 85mm -02461
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Price: 8.80€

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Tail rotor case LOGO 700 -05044
CODE: MIK-TR-05044
Tail rotor clamps, 22mm tailboom -04719
CODE: MIK-TR-04719
Tail rotor clamps, LOGO 600 SX/SE -04634
CODE: -TR-04634
Tail rotor control sleeve assembled LOGO 500/600 -04235
CODE: MIK-TR-04235
Price: 18.10€

Price: 6.90€

Price: 6.90€

Price: 22.00€

Out of stock

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Tail rotor control sleeve assembly, LOGO 700/800 -04567
CODE: MIK-TR-04567
Tail Rotor Hub set with blade holder, LOGO 700/800 -04569
CODE: MIK-TR-04569
Tail rotor hub with thrust bearings (full-set) -04069
CODE: MIK-TR-04069
Tail rotor hub with thrust bearings (full-set) -04615
CODE: MIK-TR-04615
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Price: 31.30€

thumbnail_Tail-rotor-hub-5mm-04630_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-rotor-lever-ball-raced-02447_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-rotor-lever-for-ball-bearing-02449_b_0.png thumbnail_Tail-Rotor-Lever-LOGO-700-800-04568_b_0.png
Tail rotor hub, 5mm -04630
CODE: -TR-04630
Tail rotor lever ball raced -02447
CODE: MIK-TR-02447
Tail rotor lever for ball bearing -02449
CODE: MIK-TR-02449
Tail Rotor Lever, LOGO 700/800 -04568
CODE: MIK-TR-04568
Price: 18.00€

Price: 9.90€

Price: 6.20€

Price: 9.90€

thumbnail_Tail-rotor-shaft-71mm-02476_uavrc.png thumbnail_Mikado_04074.png thumbnail_Vertical-stabilizer-neon-red-04626_b_0.png thumbnail_04358-Mikado-Antistatic-set-nemhobby.png
Tail Rotor Shaft 71mm -02476
CODE: -TR-02476
Tail rotor shaft hardened, 74.8mm -04074
CODE: MIK-TR-04074
Vertical stabilizer neon red -04626
CODE: MIK-TR-04626
Wire set antistatic -04358 -NEW
CODE: MIK-TR-04358
Price: 8.80€

Price: 12.80€

Price: 21.90€

Price: 5.90€

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